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This online course offers a dynamic and interactive approach to the question of youth participation in electoral processes and constitutes an important knowledge tool for electoral management bodies (EMBs). It aims to provide key understanding of the barriers youth are facing to participate and engage actively in political life of their countries. The course discusses strategies and provides entry points for EMBs to overcome these obstacles and to make sure that all segments of the society are empowered to participate to electoral processes.

The course will also explore innovative solutions to protect youth from being exploited by unscrupulous politicians and potentially involved in electoral violence. Finally, the eLearning sheds light on how these objectives can be linked to the indicators of SDGs, in particular Goal 16.

This e-learning offers a description of the main options of Result Management Systems (RMS). The various E-learning modules aim to shed some light on the various models of results management systems currently in use, highlighting advantages and disadvantages of each. The e-learning is geared towards election administrators, practitioners and stakeholders. The purpose is to increase the understanding of the different models and sub-models of results management systems and facilitate the selection of the most appropriate RMS option specific to the country context and also the one most likely to be accepted by stakeholders on the ground.

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The aim of the conference captured by this report was to expand discussion of electoral processes beyond the technical, allowing for a more in-depth focus on the involvement and approach of the full range of stakeholders, including political parties and candidates, the media, domestic and international observers, civil society, electoral justice, other state institutions and the international community.

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O curso visa a apresentação e a discussão de todos os aspetos relacionados com a sustentabilidade da administração eleitoral e foi desenvolvido para ajudar os Órgãos de Gestão Eleitoral (OGE) e os peritos em assistência eleitoral a refletirem sobre todos os aspetos que possam ter um impacto sobre a sustentabilidade dos processos eleitorais, fornecendo informações comparativas, dados, experiências e possíveis modelos de administração eleitoral.

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Acreditamos que, depois de ter concluído o curso, os seus conhecimentos e competências na formulação e implementação de projetos de assistência eleitoral, no contexto da parceria CE-PNUD, serão atualizados e reforçados.

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Acreditamos que, depois de ter concluído o curso, as suas decisões serão mais bem informadas e que os processos eleitorais que gere (ou a que assiste ou observa) serão mais bem-sucedidos e sustentáveis.

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This course has been designed for electoral practitioners seeking to support the holding of credible, transparent and inclusive elections, to which all parts of the society have access. The course has been designed for electoral administrators, international electoral assistance providers, civil society, political candidates, political party members and any other citizen engaged or interested in public administration.

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