Welcome to this Interactive summary report based on the discussions of the Global workshop on “Reinforcing credibility and acceptance of electoral processes: The role of electoral stakeholders and electoral administrations” held in Jordan from 7 to 11 April 2014.

The aim of the conference captured by this report was to expand discussion of electoral processes beyond the technical, allowing for a more in-depth focus on the involvement and approach of the full range of stakeholders, including political parties and candidates, the media, domestic and international observers, civil society, electoral justice, other state institutions and the international community.

How to use this Interactive Summary Report

The interactive report contains six modules. Each module screen contains several pages. The screen below explains the technical elements of each page (e.g. navigation system, interactive elements, etc) and serves as a “stop” in order for you to become accustomed to the learning environment.

The arrows on the top-left allow navigation through the different pages in a module. You can always jump from page to page using the bullets below in order to get back to a topic you want to repeat or go directly to one, in which you are more interested at the certain moment. We still advise you to avoid skipping pages and follow the content in the given sequence. On the right-top side of the header you can find the menu button, which opens the modules menu. Next to it is the mute button, which turns on and off all the music, sounds and the voice over.

The pages are normally split into two parts, one with introduction text and one with interactive elements. Unless specified explicitly, the elements that require interaction (clicking) by the learner are the 'blinking' ones and those containing question marks.

You can close and reopen the course as many times as you need.

Module sample

1. Module titles
2. Module page navigations
3. Module indicators
4. Left (static) page side
5. An element requiring interaction by the user
6. Right side (interactive)
7. Mute button


In order to acquire the certification of completion of this interactive report, you need to pass the quiz activity at the end of each module with at least 80% mark in order to prove that you went through the entire interactive report. However if you don't succeed in the first attempt, you'll be able to try again. Once you have gone through the course content, please send an email to info@ec-undp-electoralassistance.org in order to receive the final exam.


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